Association Tournaments


The Tournament Committee of the Sioux Falls Regional USBC works tirelessly to provide our members with sanctioned Open, Women's, Senior and Youth tournaments. Every effort will be made by our tournament staff to keep the results of these tournaments current on this page. Any corrections or comments should be directed to the Tournament Committee at

Tournament Rotation:

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2023-2024 Great Life Suburban Lanes

2024-2025 Empire Bowl

2025-2026 Eastway Bowl

2026-2027 Sport Bowl

2023-2024 Eastway Bowl

2024-2025 Sport Bowl

2025-2026 Great Life Suburban Lanes

2026-2027 Empire Bowl

2023-2024 Sport Bowl

2024-2025 Great Life Suburban Lanes

2025-2026 Empire Bowl

2026-2027 Eastway Bowl

2023-2024 Empire Bowl

2024-2025 Eastway Bowl

2025-2026 Sport Bowl

2026-2027 Great Life Suburban Lanes