Sioux Falls Regional USBC Committees

The responsibilities/tasks of the Board are accomplished by an effective and efficient system of committees that have clearly defined purposes, expectations and limitations.

The president appoints the chair for all committees.

All committees give regular reports of their activities to the board.

At times, the association may have the need for certain special committees. An example would be a committee organized to manage a special task that may be a one time event.

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Legislative Audit Committee


The purpose of this committee is to express an opinion that the financial statements, in all material respects, are presented fairly and presented in the manner in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards. Review management policies and procedures, to analyze the flow of transactions and their related internal controls and to work with management in suggesting and implementing solutions where needed. Conduct annual review of SFRUSBC Association By-Laws. Propose and review submitted amendments and make recommendations to the Board. To abide by state corporate laws in submitting of amendments for state laws takes precedence over By-Laws.

Internal control provides reasonable assurance that the following objectives are being achieved. 

 - Effectiveness and efficiency of operations

 - Reliability of financial reporting

 - Compliance with applicable laws and regulations

 - Prepare budget for upcoming year

This committee also must review candidates’ resumes and prepare slates for the board and delegate positions. In addition, this committee publicizes criteria and procedures for the elected positions. The committee is also responsible for conducting the ballot vote for board members interested in attending the annual State and National conventions. 

Programs Committee


The purpose of this committee is to organize and execute the various programs provide by the association.

 - Fundraising for BVL (Bowlers to Veterans Link)

 - Fundraising for Bowl for the Cure

 - Fundraising for Youth Bowling

 - Selecting and distributing quality local association awards

Hall of Fame Committee


The purpose of this committee is to collect and review nomination/applications for induction into the Sioux Falls Regional USBC Hall of Fame. This committee shall organize the Hall of Fame Banquet. This committee shall also be responsible for nominating one person locally to the South Dakota State USBC Hall of Fame Committee. Inductees should be in good standing with USBC and the local bowling community. Committee shall also recognize retiring board members for their service of more than 3 terms.

Publicity Committee


The purpose of this committee is to distribute information regarding bowling and association events to members and the general public. Maintain association website ( and other social media sites Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Work with local media to promote bowling in the area.

Tournament Committee


The purpose of this committee is to organize, sanction and manage the Sioux Falls Regional USBC Association tournaments.

Youth Committee


The purpose of this committee is to monitor the programs and services provided to youth members. All merged associations are required to have a Youth Committee. Youth committee makes recommendations regarding youth-specific benefits, youth-specific events and youth leader programs. Youth committee determines how Youth Bowling Fund $$ will be used the upcoming year.