Hall of Fame


We are very proud of the people who have made bowling what it is today. Below is a list of the Sioux Falls Regional USBC Hall of Fame members in the order they were inducted. Thank you to all the Hall of Fame members listed below for their hard work, dedication and accomplishments with bowling in the Sioux Falls Region. If you know of someone who you feel is deserving of this honor, please feel free to contact our Hall of Fame committee at hof@bowlsiouxfalls.com.

You can also see our inductees recognized on the "Hometown Heroics" page of the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame! 

Class of 2000

  • Dorothy Dean
  • Babe Klock
  • Fred Gareb
  • John Tordson
  • Frank Maltese Sr.
  • Kevin Dornberger

Class of 2006

  • Jamie Eide
  • Don Eide
  • Ed Eide
  • Larry Eide
  • Steve Eide
  • Jackie Klock
  • Carol Ellston

Class of 2007

  • Don Pearson
  • Roger Krenz
  • Roger Luedke
  • Ann Carlson
  • Rich Lund

Class of 2008

  • Dirk O'Dell
  • Bill Torkelson
  • Lil Hofstad
  • Alice Lowell
  • Dorthie Dellman
  • Joyce Pope
  • Evelyn "Evy" Meier

Class of 2009

  • Bob Percy
  • Darlene Jacobson
  • Betty Heib
  • Darrell Rowe
  • Randy Clark
  • Laurie Clark

Class of 2010

  • Michelle Soutar
  • Bernard "Bernie" Buchheim
  • Richard "Rib" Byllesby
  • Darlene Nicholson
  • John Satter

Class of 2011

  • Fay LeClair
  • Bhrett Baney
  • James Cooper IV
  • Glen Paulsen

Class of 2012

  • Ranae Janssen
  • Howard Priesz
  • George Martin

Class of 2013

  • Betty Fokken
  • Jeremy Sonnenfeld
  • Dave Parker
  • Bob Elrod
  • Rick Jacobson

Class of 2014

  • Howard "Howie" Kolhoff - Spirit of Bowling
  • Mary Tomshack - Meritorious Service
  • Gary DeReu Sr - Superior Performance

Class of 2015

  • Mary Fittje - Superior Performance
  • Marla Paulsen - Superior Performance
  • Mike Chambers - Superior Performance
  • Mark Hoover - Spirit of Bowling

Class of 2016

  • George Mitchell - Superior Performance
  • Kelly Lippert - Superior Performance
  • Jason Rowe - Meritorious Service
  • Winslow Burnette - Spirit of Bowling

Class of 2017

  • Judi Johnson - Superior Performance
  • Tim Olson - Superior Performance
  • Bill Kluckman - Meritorious Service

Class of 2018

  • Jo (Tinker) Goetschius - Superior Performance
  • David Doman - Superior Performance
  • Tom Thomas - Superior Performance
  • Casey Underberg - Spirit of Bowling

Class of 2019

  • Marlys Koepke - Superior Performance
  • Hazel Curtis - Meritorious Service
  • Donna Stoterau - Spirit of Bowling

Class of 2020

  • Jerry Ingalls - Superior Performance
    • Started bowling at the age of 15 at the YMCA in Sioux Falls.  Member of the City Team Champions in 1962 with the powerhouse Lake Madison Resort team and in 1966 with another powerhouse Bayer Brokerage team.  Shot a 779 to win the 1973 Scratch City Doubles Tournament with Hall of Famer Dave Doman. That same year he won the City All Events title.  Bowled in National Tournament 38 years.  Shot the 4th ever 300 in Sioux Falls at the Recreation Bowl.  Won numerous League Championships.
  • Vince Kokenge - Superior Performance (posthumously)
    • Started bowling in 1936.  Averaged 210's in the 1950's and 1960's.  Won the 1962 City Team Championship with the powerhouse Lake Madson Resort team.  That team set a state record for a 3 game total of 3025 at the 1960 State Tournament in Huron. He bowled in the Big Bowl TV Show 12 times and won 7 matches. Vince was inducted into the South Dakota Bowling Hall of Fame in 1989.  He is considered one of the best "lefties" in the history of bowling in South Dakota.
  • James Cooper Jr - Spirit of Bowling (posthumously)
    • Jim set pins at the Rec above the old Ford Garage and started bowling at the age of 21.  He had bowled in Sioux Falls for over 70 years.  On October 29, 2009, he threw a 299 at 80 years old.  He had bowled in 25 National Tournaments, 30-40 years in State and City Tournaments.  Jim bowled 5 leagues a week up to the age of 70.  Had been a member of 5 City Team Championships.  Our bowling community just lost Jim but will always be remembered as a class act.

Class of 2021

  • Joani Nelsen - Meritorious Service
    • Joani was a Sioux Falls WBA officer for many years. League secretary for 8 years.  She was a Youth Coach at the Recreation Bowl for 10 years.  In 1993 she Co-chaired the largest Women’s State Tournament to date.  She was an Association Delegate to WIBC National Conventions for 28 years.  Joani has bowled in over 50 National Tournaments.
  • Maureen (Anderson) Brink - Superior Performance
    • Maureen has bowled 7 – 300 games, has a high series of 797.  She started at the age of 5 in Sioux Falls, was active in the Youth Program and bowled on the Youth Traveling Team.  In 2002 and 2003 won the Scratch City Doubles Event with Hall of Famer Ranae Janssen.  She held the SD State High Average for women of 223 for the 2010-11 season.  In 2911 Maureen moved to Harvest, Alabama , with husband, Adam Brink where she continued her stellar career in bowling.
  • Lonnie Bayer - Superior Performance
    • Lonnie has high games of 298 and 295 and a series of 751.  He has shot 3 700’s in 3 different cities.  Started bowling in Sioux Falls in the mid 1950’s.  City Champions in Doubles and All-Events in 1970.  Bowled in 4 leagues and the great Classic League at the Recreation Bowl with many current Hall of Famers.  Was inducted in the Brookings Bowling Hall of Fame in 1986.

Sponsor Of The Year Award

  • 2019
    • Sherman Storage/Syverson Tile
  • 2020
    • Bits N Bytes - Larry Giannini
      • Larry has sponsored 1 league, 2 teams and 2 tournaments at the Sport Bowl over 15 years.  He has given bowling equipment to Sioux Falls Youth over the years and has promoted our sport unselfishly
  • 2021
    • Carrier Net - Great Life Suburban Lanes
    • Mosset Janitorial Service - Sport Bowl